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Monday, January 21, 2013

Islamic education and its significance.

Islam is a religion of peace, well being, and prosperity. It focuses in learning and getting education in order to fulfill the commands of Allah (SWT), to explore the world, and to extract the hidden blessings of Allah (SWT). Islam has made it obligatory for every man and woman to learn and gain education as we have a lot of ahadith and Quran teachings that focus and enlighten the significance of education in Islam.

Quran is a perfect guider that have all the knowledge and teachings related to almost every aspect of life that are necessary to get success in this world and in the hereafter. Quran is a sacred book of Allah SWT that has a complete knowledge and has no match with any other book in this world. Quran Education can give you all the precious things it contains. It is also commanded by Allah SWT to recite Quran and explore it.

Education is the knowledge of putting your abilities to fortify your life. Without knowledge, you cannot get the right path and direction of spending life in the right way. Education nurtures you and makes you apart from others.

Education increases your mentality and thinking power, it helps in making good ideas, thinking, and boosts skills of a person. Education is important due to two reasons. It makes a right thinker. The second reason is it makes you capable of getting education from external world.

Getting Education is much appreciable and demanding. Therefore, everyone should gain knowledge so that he/she could become a perfect Muslim.

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