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Monday, January 21, 2013

Islamic education and its significance.

Islam is a religion of peace, well being, and prosperity. It focuses in learning and getting education in order to fulfill the commands of Allah (SWT), to explore the world, and to extract the hidden blessings of Allah (SWT). Islam has made it obligatory for every man and woman to learn and gain education as we have a lot of ahadith and Quran teachings that focus and enlighten the significance of education in Islam.

Quran is a perfect guider that have all the knowledge and teachings related to almost every aspect of life that are necessary to get success in this world and in the hereafter. Quran is a sacred book of Allah SWT that has a complete knowledge and has no match with any other book in this world. Quran Education can give you all the precious things it contains. It is also commanded by Allah SWT to recite Quran and explore it.

Education is the knowledge of putting your abilities to fortify your life. Without knowledge, you cannot get the right path and direction of spending life in the right way. Education nurtures you and makes you apart from others.

Education increases your mentality and thinking power, it helps in making good ideas, thinking, and boosts skills of a person. Education is important due to two reasons. It makes a right thinker. The second reason is it makes you capable of getting education from external world.

Getting Education is much appreciable and demanding. Therefore, everyone should gain knowledge so that he/she could become a perfect Muslim.

How a true believer lives his life.

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran that whoever believes in Allah and does good work, whether he is a male or a female, Allah Almighty will make things and life very easy for him. Based on the verses, you will see that how the true believer will get saved from the worries of life of a person and he can earn a good life in the present world which is promised by the Almighty Allah. A true believer is the one who has faith in the existence of Almighty Allah and on the Day of Judgment. In each and every moment of life, his goal will be to earn the pleasure of Almighty Allah. Online Quran Reading tells you about the qualities that a true Muslim must possess.

He knows that he will have to give the account of every moment of life. Unlike other people, he is very aware of his purpose of creation for worshipping Allah by avoiding evil and also fulfilling the commandments of Holy Quran. A true believer therefore never worries about what other people think of him, as his goal is never to please people but only Allah. He always seeks about doing the right thing regardless of all the people who are around him, because he has fear of Allah in his heart.

He looks for the approval of Allah and is not moved by the perception of people around him. The ignorant people think of opinions of others. The right intention of a Muslim is to do everything for the approval of Allah and look for the right motive in the everyday life.

Positive Effects Of Reading Holy Quran

According to scientific studies, there are positive effects of reciting Quran on Psychology, Heart rate, and the Blood Pressure. There is very little research done on the effects of the Holy Quran on the human body. Muslims can protect themselves from the psychological diseases through Reading Quran Online.

Although there are some statistical changes in the temperature of body and the respiratory rate, but these changes are not that significant to support positive effects of physical well beings and prayers. It is also stated that “there are some significant and positive physiological changes that the prayer has on physiology.”

According to the research, it was found that blood pressure, heart rate, and the perceived levels of stress were measured both before and after reading the Surahs of Holy Quran. The blood pressure, heart rate, and perceived levels of stress were decreased after reading the Surah Al Rahman and Surah Alam Nashrah from the Holy Quran.

According to the research conducted, it was found that Muslims who read Holy Quran and Arabic can protect themselves from the psychological diseases.

In another research carried out on ten Muslim students. It guides and educates the reader to live a healthy and good life. It increases the faith of a person and relaxes them as well. This also has an effect on the psychology of the Muslim students. There are some other physiological and psychological effects of reading the Holy Quran on the person, as it lowers the perceived stress levels and blood pressure of a person.

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Understand the teachings of Holy Quran

Asking someone that “Why is it important to understand quran” is much more important than asking a person “why are you preparing for the paper” , who has to appear in final exam. This life is a bigger examination hall in which Allah has sent to us to. We will be responsible for the result. Following are some of the major reasons to understand holy quran

Allah is one

 Even Science has proved that creator of this universe is only one. Don’t you think that this whole universe has been created by someone? Don’t you think that someone has a complete control on the movement of Moon and sun ? The one who is Allah. So it is clear that Allah exists and He is the only one to create all this universe. Then why did He created us. In Surah e Mulk , Allah says ” I hath created death and life to test that who performs well”. So he has created us to test that who is good. By understand holy quran we can conclude that how can we be a successful person.

What should we do

Holy Quran is a complete and true guide for humanity. According to Islam, Everyone has rights. Islam stresses in fulfilling the rights of animals even. We should understand holy quran to become a beneficial part of our society and should seek help from Holy Quran to be successful in the eternal life. Learning Quran is neccessary and is the requirement to understand Quran. If you have a will to understand quran then you should first enable yourself to read and recite quran with quran rules and regulations.

Brighten your Life and afterlife by Learning Quran

Books have always been one of human beings’ biggest and the best companions, not only particular to present times, but all through the history of humanity. However, there is one book that enjoys an exalted status never even imaginable for any other book, i.e. Holy Quran.

Some people might argue that Muslims praise the Holy Qur’an out of their religious prejudices and preferences, but if we keep religious attachments aside, even then there is no comparison to Quran. It still remains special in countless ways, the biggest of which is its eloquently unique content.

Other than that, one of the biggest of its attributes is its highly reserved sanctity and authenticity. Since Allah Almighty Himself vows to keep it safe and secure to make sure its authenticity is reserved, we find it to be containing the exact same words as revealed onto Allah’s Last Apostle Muhammad (PBUH) more than 1400 years ago.

Allah (SWT), in Qur’an Himself claims so, in the following words:
“Indeed it is We who have sent down the Quran, and indeed it is Us who shall preserve it.” (Surah 15:9)
Learn quran by heart can be attributed as another of the honor Allah’s book enjoys. It is a book with great volume, but still countless people vow to learn its content by heart all through the 14 centuries of its existence.

Just have a look at what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also said about learning Quran:
“On the Day of Qiyaamah a crown of such brilliance will be placed on the heads of the parents of one who learnt the Qur’aan and practised on its laws, that its glitter will outshine the brilliance of the sun which penetrates your houses. What then do you think will be the position of the one who himself learnt the Qur’aan and acted in accordance with it?”
May Allah Almighty helps us in learning His gracious words of Quran and live our lives according to them.