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Monday, January 21, 2013

How a true believer lives his life.

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran that whoever believes in Allah and does good work, whether he is a male or a female, Allah Almighty will make things and life very easy for him. Based on the verses, you will see that how the true believer will get saved from the worries of life of a person and he can earn a good life in the present world which is promised by the Almighty Allah. A true believer is the one who has faith in the existence of Almighty Allah and on the Day of Judgment. In each and every moment of life, his goal will be to earn the pleasure of Almighty Allah. Online Quran Reading tells you about the qualities that a true Muslim must possess.

He knows that he will have to give the account of every moment of life. Unlike other people, he is very aware of his purpose of creation for worshipping Allah by avoiding evil and also fulfilling the commandments of Holy Quran. A true believer therefore never worries about what other people think of him, as his goal is never to please people but only Allah. He always seeks about doing the right thing regardless of all the people who are around him, because he has fear of Allah in his heart.

He looks for the approval of Allah and is not moved by the perception of people around him. The ignorant people think of opinions of others. The right intention of a Muslim is to do everything for the approval of Allah and look for the right motive in the everyday life.

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