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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hajj is a religious treatment of Muslims who have expressed a lot of symbolic tohumans in the form of self-assertion, demonstrations or perisytiharan, rather than demanding something that is kebendaaan or mundane, but the demonstration to express unity with slogans and laungan sacred sentence, Allahhu Akhbar, Allah is Great , over and over again with conviction and devotion, a clear and explicit recognition of Kufr or Pagans do not even enjoy it.
Pengisytiharan tauhid a clear and coherent laungan simultaneously conducted the name of Allah, "Allah Humma Labayk Labbyk, Labbaykka La Syarikalak Labbayk, Innal Hamda al-Ni'mata Laka Wa wa al-Mulk, La Syarikalak", dilaungkan not kerana something lacking, butrevelation of something of worship in the form of demonstrations against shirk, injustice and human error that is not done by God mentauhidkan.

Assertive attitude and stance in the case of 'ubudiah the teachings of the anbia' since the time-berzaman diisytihar clearly necessary in order to once again do not get involved with shirk or tanghut.

On the contrary shall devote themselves solely kerana Allah - self, thoughts, fizikal, possessions and nawaitunya only to God alone.All forms of heresy, polytheism or worship system towards compulsory taghut shunned.
Islam does not demand his act back to the party who memsongkan creed, but being Muslim, goodness and security. However, if they often and continue to try to manipulate God mentauhidkan human than a practice of worship is manifested in the form of overt demonstrations of their work against the heretical even idolaters, infidels and munafiqun groups do not enjoy it.

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