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Monday, June 18, 2012

Alif Arabic – The Best, Most Affordable Qur’an and Arabic Learning Program – Special Discounts Available!

ou may have noticed that we have an awesome new partner and sponsor Alif Arabic, as demonstrated by this incredibly cool new personalized flash button by our very own in-house KidBloggersClub Digital Design Services.
Anyways, my girls and I have been taking Qur’an and Arabic for about 2-weeks now full-time; and absolutely love their services! As you know we are a very mobile family; in the past 4-years we have not been in 1 city, state or country for more than 4-months at a time. We recently returned from a 6-month trip to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Gaza; and in just the past 3-weeks we have been in 5-states (and NOT just “passing by” them; we stayed days and nights traveling as tourists or visiting extended family).
The purpose of sharing our extremely hectic schedule is to emphasize two things:
(1) We’ve tried MANY Qur’an and Arabic programs, class-settings (ie. private tutors, immersion overseas, small group classes, etc.) and curriculum,
(2) Consistency is difficult in both their Qur’anic and Arabic studies because of our mobile lifestyle.

Starting with Alif Arabic

To put our review in perspective, I will share our present status when we started with Alif Arabic 2 weeks ago:
Arabic Background: Alhumdulilah, the girls and I are very comfortable shopping overseas by ourselves, and holding conversations in Arabic. The girls have traveled to over a half-dozen Arab countries, regardless of the dialect, everyone thinks our oldest 2 are fluent in Arabic. They know how to adapt to Palestinian, Egyptian and Saudi Arabian Arabic; but when they are in other countries, they use fusha Arabic to communicate. Our youngest speaks comfortably with kids (who all think she’s fluent), but with teachers and adults she’s less comfortable. While our girls have taken classes in formal writing and reading; I  never took any formal or informal Arabic classes. I learned conversational Arabic from living overseas for collectively 3-years.
Qur’an Background: Two of my 3 girls have been taught the Qur’an with arkam, the rules of Tajweed since they were very young. The youngest and I were just taught arkam for the first time this past year in Gaza. I do not focus on memorization; my goal is to read the Qur’an correctly according to the rules of Tajweed.
How Many Lessons We’ve Taken So Far: As of today, my girls had 7.5 hours of Qur’an; 30-minutes a day 5-days a week each; 2 hours of Arabic 30-minutes a day 3-days a week each. I have taken 3 hours of Qur’an and 3 hours of Arabic classes. 45-minutes a day 2-days a week.

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